Facts about online gaming

Facts about online gaming that will blow your mind

Online gaming has thrived to build itself as one of the most prominent names in the growth sector and has taken over the economy. The growth has been widely increased in the past few years with the evolution of the games in the mmc996 mobile platform offering added diversity to the games and the players.


Grand theft Auto V

Grand theft Auto V has taken the title of the most expensive game ever made, which took approx $137 million to build the game and also took $128 million for marketing. The developers have made huge profits which made more than $1 billion in its initial three days. The second most expensive video games is the call of duty: Modern War Far 2.


There are more female online gamers than males

There are many personalised characters, complex storylines and other things which has made online gaming not only the place for males to be. There are many women gamers who are looking to make sure that they can make it big in the industry. This is a very well known fact that has gained acceptance allowing one to make money in online crossword puzzles.


Nearly 30% of gamers are aged 50 and above

There is a significant rise in the influence of old gamers. There have overlooked many stats which has made the gamers develop initially, which has targeted the rise in mature citizen. Under 30% of the gamers are senior citizens and are doing well with their games as well.

33% of adult gamers now play online games with their children

Video games are fundamentally associated with the younger audience, and the audience can vary. There are many educated older people who are willing to engage with their children via these measures. There are more than 33% of adults who have admitted that they play with their children at least once a well which can help them make money, adventure games and also boost the family-friendly title.


South Korea once banned midnight gaming

South Korea once banned a cinderella law which prohibited children below the age of 16 to play online videos at night after midnight. Although the mobile games and consoles were not affected by this rule and children still did play the game and began to steal the resident registration to play more.

Chinese video game market generates most revenues

China is the greatest video game market which can generate more than $27 billion in a year. The revenue can easily generate that by pay to play games as well as free to play games. In 2017, it generated 11.7 billion in the pay to play games and generated $1.4 billion all over Asia. Europe has the second largest revenue for both types of gaming options.